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Express yourself! Fun CSR Videos

Training's Mission 

Our Global Customer Service is NetSpend's competitive advantage.

What does this mean to each one of us?
First and for most, we are partners. 
The training we deliver must be of the highest caliber and we are
committed to giving you that! You must own your professional
development and make the commitment to consistently deliver a
level of performance that maintains an irreplaceable value to our
customers that surpasses all of our competitors.

If our training is not providing you with the skills and knowledge you
believe you need to succeed, I ask that you please don't hesitate to
shoot me an email at Let me know what
you need from us or anything we are missing, so we can effectively 
close those gaps as soon as possible.

Think of the CS Training mission like this: You are NS's Customer
 and NS's Customer Service is NS's Competitive Advantage.

Stay committed and focused, and truly believe how essential you
are to NetSpend's success. 
ogether we will accomplish our goal!

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Message from Dan Henry, CEO

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Every company’s greatest assets are its customers, because without customers there is no company.    
   -Michael LeBoeuf


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Express yourself! Fun CSR Photos